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 I work with children on social skills development, anxiety, anger management, sensory integration difficulties, family transitions, ADHD strategies, trauma and

behavioral issues.

I utilize a client-centered approach including cognitive-behavioral strategies, sensorimotor regulation, mindfulness, as well as art and play therapies.

 I work with adolescents to create a nonjudgmental, inclusive, and safe place. The goal of therapy is to provide ways to manage feelings of anxiety, stress, self-doubt or hopelessness. I use CBT and person-centered techniques to help teens learn to communicate and express themselves to friends, families, and authority figures. I have experience and welcome LGBTQIA2S+ teens and pre-teens.

 I work with parents and caregivers to create a collaborative environment to discover underlying needs and provide education for parents on how to develop skills for success. Guiding parents in strategies to manage personal or social skills development, anxiety, anger, sensory integration difficulties, family transitions, ADHD behaviors, trauma and

behavioral issues.

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